We offer seminars and workshops on the subject of service management and services through our board-based business games ÖKONOMIKUS hotel, ÖKONOMIKUS services and Manage your store for 8 participants or more over ½ a day to 2 days.


In the playable case study ÖKONOMIKUS hotel, the participants run a hotel as a management team. They experience directly which factors are important for the successful management of a service company. The participants gain direct insights of the dynamic processes to which the service sector is subject and of how the orientation and the management of hard and soft factors – investment decisions, strategic orientation and ongoing development in the quality area – affect their business.


ÖKONOMIKUS services has a generic focus and promotes an understanding of company-relevant drivers and key factors as well as service-specific characteristics. Here too, teams act as management teams to run a service provider that is in competition with other teams. A workshop with ÖKONOMIKUS services is ideal for communicating the key messages of a company and its orientation and financial goals. 


Manage your Store! focuses to an even greater degree on choice of range, service quality and management using key indicators, and it is particularly suitable for store managers.


The seminar programme and the choice of the correct game solution are developed with the customer, taking into account the knowledge of the participants and the learning objectives that are to be achieved.


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