We offer seminars and workshops on the subject of sales through our board-based planning games ÖKONOMIKUS sales and Manage your store! for 8 participants or more over 1 day.


Working in teams that compete against one another, ÖKONOMIKUS sales conveys the most important sales and marketing relationships to the participants. The workshop covers the areas of market and product strategy, supply chain management, marketing and communication. In addition, the participants carry out a profit and contribution margin calculation and determine key indicators based on this. The complexity of the board game can be altered, which enables the customer-specific adaptation of the workshop depending on the group of participants, background knowledge and management experience.


Manage your Store! focuses to an even greater degree on choice of range, service quality and management using key indicators, and it is particularly suitable for store managers.


The seminar programme and the choice of the correct game solution are established with the customer, taking into account the learning objectives that are to be achieved.


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