We offer seminars and workshops on the subject of project management through our management game INGENIKUS performance – The Tower Game and Manage your Project for 8 participants or more over ½ a day up to 2 days.


In a realistic manner, the participants experience which key factors determine the success or failure of a project and why. In the Tower Game, the participants take over a project in groups and have to realise it optimally within certain parameters. At the end, the results of the different teams are available physically and for joint comparison. Through the evaluation, a direct reference to the world of work is established and it is determined which key factors led to success for the individual teams and how these factors can be employed effectively in practice and in everyday life.


Participants use the most common project management tools in an interactive case study - a project management simulation. They learn about the concepts behind these instruments, e.g. work breakdown structure, action list, PERT chart, GANTT bar chart, resource and cost planning as well as project controlling within a situation between daily business and project work. Together with the basics regarding project marketing and stakeholder management the workshop provides fundamental know how of the project management.


The seminar programme and the choice of the correct game solution are developed with the customer, taking into account the knowledge of the participants and the learning objectives that are to be achieved.


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