We offer seminars and workshops on the subject of portfolio management through our computer-aided simulation Portfolio Management-SIM for 8 participants or more over 2 to 3 days.


Participants head a portfolio management department and are responsible for strategic asset allocation and its implementation as well as for managing the asset management department from a business management perspective. The establishment and diversification of an investment portfolio are at the heart of the activities of the individual teams. The simulation is based on real investment data from the past. The participants make their decisions based on market descriptions from the regions of Europe, Switzerland, the USA, Japan and emerging markets. Remote business games (over a longer period) can also be carried out through the simulation with real-time data. Particularities of the individual company can also be addressed at the same time. These customer-specific views (e.g. customer types, asset allocation specifications, etc.) can be incorporated into the simulation.


The seminar programme and the choice of the correct game solution are developed with the customer, taking into account the knowledge of the participants and the learning objectives that are to be achieved.


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