playfully developing solutions.

game solution ag offers its customers the possibility of customized solutions.

In doing so, we either develop stand-alone scenarios for you that work together with our training platforms and meet your specific needs.

Or we develop a completely individual solution for you, which for example maps your new strategy, a new process, a business model or parts of it.


The following factors are relevant for a project planning of a game-based solution tailored to your organization:

  •     Complexity of the task - simple card game versus highly complex business simulation
  •     Possible time horizon - urgency
  •     Choice of platform - computer-based simulation, board-based business game or management game

In an order clarification, these factors are evaluated and it is also decided whether a product should be designed and implemented from scratch or whether an adaptation of an existing solution is possible.

Experience shows that a development takes between 3 and 9 months, depending on the characteristics of the factors mentioned above.